Innovation, excellence and growth — these are the words that best describe our company since its inception.

In 15 years of business, our company has earned a well-deserved reputation for the quality of its products.

  1. 2001
    ICO Technologies is founded and specializes in four areas: Web and graphic communications, consulting, training and technical services.

  2. 2002
    ICO Technologies experiences a strong and sustained level of growth and rapidly begins to develop its first client-custom applications.

  3. 2006
    The company implements a new programming platform to standardize software development. This framework, which is subsequently called “Innova” in 2008, will go on to become the building block of ICO Technologies products.

  4. 2007
    The company launches its new innovative software suite (then known as TARGET Solutions). The Innova framework makes it possible to offer multiple products, including the popular TARGET CSP (which will eventually become a reference for the City of Quebec).

  5. 2009
    ICO Technologies takes its first steps in the fire and emergency sectors. The Target Fire and Target 911 software will become increasingly popular and enable the company to become an industry leader.

  6. 2011
    A major government project allows ICO Technologies to develop a new tool for schedule and attendance management. This software will be enhanced over the coming years and become one of the most comprehensive of its kind.

  7. 2013
    ICO Technologies acquires IvSoft, along with its software (the command post of which is designed by a firefighter and intended for firefighters), this move will allow the company to offer a comprehensive range of software for emergency services.

    ICO Technologies implements its first CAD (computer-aided dispatch) software. Used by 911 call centres, this software package throws the door wide open to a whole new market.

    The continuous development and rapid growth of the organization lead to a change of address. After numerous projects for the remodeling and extension of its facility, ICO Technologies moves into another building on Beaudry-Leman street in Shawinigan and doubles its size.

  8. 2014
    ICO Technologies launches its Police RMS software. This solution, combined with Fire RMS and CAD, will become an important brand in the emergency sector.

    The company gets its hands on the “Background” software — a tool to manage contingency measures, emergency and business continuity. This will result in the largest emergency software suite.

    The expansion of the company’s business outside Quebec forces the management team to make changes and embrace a new software brand. Within this context, the former TARGET solutions product family will become BeeON Solutions. Simultaneously with this change in brand, the BeeON software packages now come equipped with all the necessary features to easily adapt to different regulation and language environments.

  9. 2016
    Ten years after the launch of INNOVA One, a new platform sees the day: INNOVA Web. This programming framework is entirely designed in the cloud, offering the same benefits in Web and client-server modes and retaining its strong focus on the future.

    ICO Solutions establishes a business office in the United States.

  10. 2018
    In order to better support its growth and development outside Quebec, ICO Technologies decides to unify all its products under a single brand. As a result, TARGET, IvSoft, Background and BeeON are now branded under ICO SOLUTIONS.

  11. 2019
    ICO moves to new premises.  ICO emphasizes the quality of the environment and the well-being of its employees with spacious, modern and better-adapted facilities.

  12. 2020
    ICO continues its expansion outside Quebec. With the addition of numerous clients in New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, ICO can now assert that it is a supplier of choice from coast to coast!  In 2020, ICO won the “Employer of Choice” award at the prestigious Desjardins Distinction Gala.  This award recognizes the efforts and measures to improve employee working conditions and work-life balance, including new infrastructures and measures taken to facilitate teleworking and communications in times of pandemic.

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