ICO Technologies is a recognized leader in the development of specialized emergency, security, public administration and HR applications. Our strategies, which are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients, focus on process efficiency and using your resources in a cost-effective manner. Ultimately, our aim is to secure optimum results and create a relationship of ongoing cooperation with you.

Taking the time getting to know you

We make it a point to understand the reality that you are faced with daily. With this goal in mind, every project we undertake begins with a start-up meeting to look closely at your needs until we thoroughly understand what is expected of us.

With you

From start to finish

For over 15 years, our experts have managed projects of all types and scopes. For this reason, they have a flawless mastery of all process components, including planning, intended deliverable, intended passage and implementation plan, change management, user support and after-sale service.


Tailored to the requisites of your business environment

Every project is unique. Every client is also unique. This being so, we have come to develop a common approach that can be adopted across projects. Our project team has a proven grasp of the relevant methodologies, whether using Agile or traditional model.

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