ICO Emergency Measures

Restore the smooth running of your business!

A powerful software that manages events related to emergency response plans, emergency preparedness and business continuity. From the coordination centre, you can to manage risk, mobilize everyone involved and ensure effective response in crisis situations.

  • Data Centre

    • Addresses and contacts
    • Data centre
    • Equipment inventory
    • HR needs management
    • Real-estate mapping
    • Agreement management
  • Emergency and Action plan

    • Risk management process
    • Risk scenario
    • Intervention scenario
    • Communication plan
    • Agreement tracking
  • Operation Centre

    • Public alerts and communication
    • Victim coordination
    • Recovering
    • Event feedback
  • Reports and analytics

    • Interventions statistics
    • Real-time data
    • Complete Dashboards
    • Notification Server

Market examples

  • Civil security
  • Manufacturer
  • Ports administration
  • Airports management
  • Public transportation
  • Real-estate
  • …and more!

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