INNOVA platform

Our exclusive platform!

Our software packages are developed around a proprietary framework called INNOVA.

This platform makes it possible to deliver software with key benefits, such as stability, scalability and the capability to incorporate multiple advanced functions, including a cutting-edge customization tool.

Another key feature associated with the platform is the ability to customize applications more quickly. All components are designed as modules which can be used to meet the specific needs of users.

Similarly, INNOVA allows us to achieve high standards in regard to our software solution’s accessibility, usability and user-friendliness. In addition, the platform allows for greater efficiency in managing versions and software updates


  • Open platform
    Easily interfaces with other management tools.
  • Scalable module
    Used according to your needs.
  • Integrated task manager
    Email notifications, automatic calculations, updates.
  • Access management
    The access management component meets the highest security standards and allows you to use a personalized access.
  • Language manager 
    Used to customize titles and fields according to the user’s taste.
  • Dashboards / reports / statistics
    Simple and customizable on entire database.
  • Designer module  
    Quick development and customization while retaining the application’s capability.
  • Complete history
    All our software solutions let you keep a complete history of data additions, edits, cancellations and deletions. Any action performed is logged, archived and can be displayed.

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