ICO Whistleblowing

Reporting wrongdoing without fear of reprisal

A unique platform allowing companies to build a relation with their staff, based on trust and safety. This tool ensures full process and whistleblower confidentiality, and meets the requirements of the “Law facilitating the disclosure of reprehensible acts towards the public bodies (L.Q.2016, c.374).”

  • Reporting of Wrongdoing act

    • Investigation management
    • Investigation monitoring
    • Protocols compliance
    • Classification by kind of act
    • Event reports
    • Safely link able to other tools
  • Resources and user management

    • Whistleblower protection
    • Individuals database
    • Alerts and notifications
  • Public mobile portal

    • Notifications et alerts
    • Anonymous 2-way communication
  • Reports and analytics

    • Performance indicator
    • Real-time data
    • Complete Dashboards
    • Notification Server
  • Meets requirement of public law

    • Act to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoing relating to public bodies (Bill 87 – L.Q.2016,c.34)
    • Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (S.C. 2005, c. 46)

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For all organizations that are genuinely committed to their staff.

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