COVID-19 ― Message From ICO Technologies Inc. Regarding the Actions Taken to Address the Current Situation

Dear clients,

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic continues to surge worldwide, the health and safety of employees and communities have top priority.

En réponse auxFollowing the recent measures announced by the authorities, ICO Technologies was designated as an essential service provider. As such, our organization has deployed a business continuity plan to allow essential services to be carried out. The plan includes measures such as teleworking for all of our employees as well as suspending travel and face-to-face meetings for an indefinite period. Given the current context, our offices will be physically accessible only to designated emergency staff members.

Our main concern at the moment is to continue equipping you with the tools required and to maintain the required level of service. To this end, a number of guidelines have been established:

• Our customer service and technical support departments remain available, and we will continue accepting requests via email or telephone. 24/7 service is maintained.

• We have cancelled movement of staff and colleagues. In the same token, we encourage remote interventions.

• Our professionals will continue conducting training activities and carrying out your implementation projects using our teleworking tools.

• We offer several options for our customers, including online training and a number of networked components to keep operations functioning.

Contact us for more information (1-877-636-8383 or


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