Rigorous Quality Control

The company’s relentless pursuit of excellence for its products and services operates by deriving the greatest value added from the innovation process implemented. With that in mind, stringent quality control is regularly applied at all levels of operation.

Our quality commitments will be achieved by

  • Always innovating and continuously improving the quality of our products and services;
  • Increasing profitability and maintaining sustained growth; and
  • Mobilizing everyone in the pursuit of a common goal – excellence.

Our commitment to excellence

As we continually strive for excellence in the development of our software and Web and client-server models, we are deeply committed to:

  • Focusing on effectively enhancing client satisfaction
    by establishing a direct partnership and a thorough understanding of our clients’ expectations and business processes so as to meet their performance, cost and timeframe requirements;

  • Offering high-quality products and services
    with one-of-a-kind added value by continually striving to improve our processes and by keeping current on our expertise;

  • Fostering growth and development
    within the organization by providing a healthy and vibrant workplace that nurtures creativity and self-actualization.

ISO 9001 Certification
maintaining and remaining compliant with the ISO 9001 Certification (ICO Technologies is ISO 9001 certified since September 2013, and as such, this certifies that we apply the best management practices, strive for constant improvement, and deliver best-in-class customer service;

ISO 27001 Certification
maintaining and remaining compliant with the ISO 2700 Certification (ICO Technologies, which has been implementing ISO security best practices, is in the preparation of certification under standard ISO 27001, of which completion is expected in 2019);

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