The software packages offered by ICO Technologies provide users with the flexibility and stability they seek. Whatever the nature of your organization, we have the custom solution you need!

The Markets we Serve

Cities and municipalities

A recognized leader in city administration software, ICO Solutions has been leveraging innovations for many years to always be in tune with industry change. Our software packages are further developed with care, in compliance with the market’s strictest standards, and, as a result, are trusted by over 400 cities and municipalities across Canada.


Our relationship with government ministries and agencies spans multiple years. Our solutions have been designed in compliance with the strictest of market standards. ICO Solutions delivers software tools that perform with the high degree of flexibility and stability sought by the market. Accordingly, various agencies have selected our tools as their preferred software in order to scale to thousands of users.


ICO Solutions provides software packages designed by industry experts. Over the years, our company has obtained a unique expertise for implementing and managing complex undertakings. Our software solutions have the required flexibility and agility to meet your industry-specific requirements. Explore our range of solutions and see how they can help you maximize your processes and increase your productivity!

Private businesses

Hundreds of organizations are using our software. Because each company is different, our applications offer the type of flexibility and stability to fulfill your unique business needs. Developed in accordance with the highest industry standards, our software solutions are used by organizations of every size and scope.

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