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ICO Solutions is an industry leader. Our software packages, which are used by hundreds of emergency services across the country, can be deployed in public service and private enterprise environments. No matter the scale of your organization, we have a solution adapted to your needs.
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The ICO Security suite of applications provides all the necessary tools for the safety and security of operations within your organization. By addressing your critical needs, our solution optimizes your security (management and operation). We offer organizations of all sizes and industries simple software packages available on all platforms. 
Your security is what drives us!


The ICO Solutions brand distinguishes itself with software packages designed to help simplify management activities, event follow-ups and business processes. Our applications automate the steps you need to take, the decision-making and the grouping of the information. They also manage approvals (step by step), delegate tasks, manage notifications and ensure effective follow-up. 
We have it all covered for you!

HR and Workforce

This tool makes up the most efficient solution on the market to help you deal with complex situations. This software package supports unlimited business rules and collective agreements, while retaining its simplicity and flexibility.
Because we are well aware that your time is precious, we make things easy for you!

INNOVA platform

Our software packages are developed around a proprietary framework called INNOVA.

This platform makes it possible to deliver software with key benefits, such as stability, scalability and the capability to incorporate multiple advanced functions, including a cutting-edge customization tool.

Another key feature associated with the platform is the ability to customize applications more quickly. All components are designed as modules which can be used to meet the specific needs of users.

Similarly, INNOVA allows us to achieve high standards in regard to our software solution’s accessibility, usability and user-friendliness. In addition, the platform allows for greater efficiency in managing versions and software updates