The Mirabel Municipal Council is Now Paperless

On October 20, 2014, Mirabel’s municipal council members used tablets for their first ever paperless committee meeting.

“This new way of working “certainly translates into a reduction in paper and document usage, but it also contributes to improve effectiveness in the processing of administrative files,” said Mirabel Mayor Jean Bouchard.

Paperless meetings will stop the immense paper consumption related to the review of many files handled by the municipal council. It will also provide council members and management employees with a document management tool that offers multiple integrated solutions. For example, users are now able, among other things, to submit executive summaries (presentation documents related to case files, accompanied by recommendations, forwarded to the Council) in digital form, according to an approval and validation process implemented by senior management.

The adoption of paperless meetings also enables council members to access a secure web-based portal that provides them with a variety of documents that can be consulted or annotated at will.

In addition to yielding paper savings and management effectiveness, paperless meetings will, in many respects, facilitate the work performed within the municipal administration.